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I'm sure you will find navigation easy to use. Check out our used equipment section for discounted equipmement.


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Discounts on our most popular S-TEC Autopilots:
S-TEC 55X Autopilot
S-TEC 2100 Autopilot
S-TEC 360 Altitude Pre-Select or Automatic Electric Trim

NextGen ADS-B solutions is an easy, cost-effective path meeting the FAA’s NextGen mandate

Aspen ADSB Solutions works with existing Pannel

Open Space
NOW through 12/31/13, the GPS 400W is available for just $3,995 when installed with a G3X system.

If you own a G3X flight display system or if you're
planning to purchase a G3X, you can take advantage
of special reduced pricing on an IFR-certified GPS

Evolution of the World’s Best Flight Management Technology.

PLUG & PLAY Replacement for your
Old 530 & 430 Navigators

FAA Certified Repair Station: FDBR221K


We are located in Broomfield Colorado at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport. We have been in business for over 25 years. We provide top quality service and support for all your avionics needs.  We canfix your old avionics , or install new and used avionics to provide you with the equipment you need to get your job done at the best value.


Avionics sales, installation and service

Serving pilots from experimental or single-engine aircraft through cabin-class pressurized twins.  We are factory trained specialists. Our mission is to give you the right combination of avionic equipment for the type of flying you do, at a price that makes you smile.



  1. New avionic installations
    • MFD/PFD
    • Auto Pilots
    • Nav/Com
    • GPS
    • Traffic systems
    • Audio panels
    • Portables
  2. Avionics panel upgrades
  3. Panel design
  4. GPS software and database updates
  5. Avionics bench repair \ Warranty work
  6. 24 Month IFR pitot-static certifications
  7. 24 Month VFR Transponder certifications